Blues Berry Farm, LLC


Blues Berry Farm, LLC


A Destination Point

2018  U Pick/We Pick Season

May 5 & 6   May 10,11,12, & 13, 2018    8 AM till 5 PM

$3.00 a pound u pick  

$4.00 a pound we pick at Farm  

Level Bucket specials  $15.00 ( 6-7 pound buckets)


1201 Holloway Road

Plant City, Florida 33567



The Farm

The Farm

How we got here

For the last 11 years, we have maintained and harvested blueberries from about 40,000 plants. We made the decision to drop out of “Corporate America” in order to become good stewards to the planet. We are very proud of our sustainability practices. For example, we reduce our water consumption as much as possible by using a pond that collects water run off for irrigation as well as frost protection when necessary. 



Also, we partnered with the South West Florida Water Management District and installed cold air drains and wind machines in our field as an alternative to irrigation for frost protection, saving millions of gallons of water. We have reduced our electric bill considerably by using a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), which helps power our well in a way that only uses the electricity that it needs. We are constantly looking for ways to conserve and save. 

It is amazing how different the Farm looks every day.


U Pick

U Pick

The Basic's of U Pick

  • A shaded picnic area
  • Ice cold water.
  • We supply food grade picking buckets for you to pick into, you may want to bring a cooler to carry your berries home in.
  • We have recipes
  • Free popsicles for kids.
  • Walk in cooler for you to keep your berries cool while you pick more.
  • We will pick for you, we sell fresh picked every day.
  • We take special large volume orders, and deliver in our refrigerated box truck.
  • We sell frozen fruit all year.
  • We LOVE pets, for food safety reasons please do NOT bring them to the farm.
  • We sell berries by the pound or special bucket pricing (buckets between 6-7 pounds)
  • Don't forget good walking shoes, hat and sunscreen.
  • We accept cash and local checks